NDIS Psychological Support Services

We support NDIS clients whose mental health is impacting their disability. Our team of psychologists, credentialed mental health nurses (CMHN) & counsellors take a holistic approach to improve both mental and physical health

Please see ‘Allied Health’ for further details on our clinicians.

How can they help you?

The first step is to understand our client’s mental health needs – our team can then support them to achieve their recovery goals in several ways:

Psychological Support

Our team have extensive training in psychological therapies to help clients build resilience, manage stress and cope during crisis and transition periods. Techniques used include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), behavioural support (BSP), dialectic behaviour therapy (DBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).


Coaching to help identify the relationships that matter and how to build stronger bonds with the important people in life. Our team can also support engagement with the community and building a social network .

Pursuing your purpose

Helping to find a passion or role that builds on our client's strengths and is tailored for their abilities. A purposeful life is a happy life.

Physical health

Working alongside clients and their GPs understand physical health and how to improve it. Supporting to reach physical health goals – including engaging with a dietician and exercise motivation.


Supporting clients to manage their medication. Discussing side effects with clients and looking out for side-effects of concern. Supporting changes to medication in partnership with doctors. Motivating clients to adhere to medication plans by focusing on the recovery potential.

Additional support

Behaviour support plans Working with clients to implement strategies to increase quality of life and enjoyment.

Before Booking we require the following

Completed service agreement (along with a Copy of Participants NDIS Plan).

Completed participant consent form

Once completed, one of our friendly team members will be in touch. Contact [email protected] with any queries or concerns.

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