Step 1

The appointment will take place from the GP practice. The patient will arrive at their GP practice and staff will help them join the video conference. 

Step 2

The Dokotela Specialist will spend about 60 minutes with the patient undertaking a comprehensive assessment.

Step 3

The GP returns towards the end of the appointment (last 5 – 10 minutes) to discuss the treatment plan, medication and ongoing care.

Step 4
If required/requested by the GP, the booking for the next specialist appointment is made by the Specialist at the end of the consult.

We have an easy to use online booking system available on our website, which allows GP clinics to book a time that suits the GP, clinic and patient. The referral is uploaded during this process.

Alternatively, you can send referrals by Healthlink (EDI: Dokotela) or Medical Objects.

If the above options are not available we can accept referrals by fax (02) 8569 1844 or on email [email protected] but we encourage you to use another option to ensure data security is maintained.

Our extensive, experienced team of Psychiatrists cover a wide range of sub-specialisations as well as the entire age range. We recommend that you address the referral to “Dokotela Specialists” and we will ensure that your patient will be seen by the most appropriate specialist.

We believe that the GP maintains the central role in patient care. We discuss the treatment plan with you, and if you are happy, we ask you to prescribe the medication (unless the Specialist is required to prescribe a particular medication). Alternatively, our Specialists can prescribe and mail prescriptions to the patient.

We will review your patients as often as is required. Most patients require 2 consultations – one to put in place a treatment plan and a second to review that plan in 6-12 weeks. Other patients that are more severe or complex may require multiple appointments which Dokotela will provide with your agreement.

There is an out-of-pocket fee associated with all Dokotela appointments. Patients will be

required to pay the appointment fee and we will then process the Medicare rebate on their behalf.

Please contact our team to enquire regarding the out of pocket costs for your patients.

GPs may be eligible to bill MBS Item numbers 3 or 23, if spending time with the patient following the consult to go through the treatment plan and write prescriptions. Your practice nurse can bill MBS item 10983 as incentive to facilitate the consultation.

All you need is computer or tablet with sound and a camera. Thats it

Dokotela is currently recruiting Psychiatrists to ensure we have sufficient capacity to meet demand. We have several new specialists in the pipeline to ensure that we are able to offer patients timely appointments.If patients are flexible on timing, they can usually get an appointment very quickly (within a week or two).If an urgent appointment is required please alert our team to this and we should be able to facilitate within 24-48 hours).

Please call (02)8003 7668 and one of our friendly clinic staff will assist you to troubleshoot.

A live chat option is also available if you are having technical difficulties and a team member will be on hand to give you a call to assist.

We have an easy to use online booking system available on our website, which is available for GP Clinics to book at a time that suits both the GP (so they can participate in the appointment) and the Patient. Online bookings are not available to patients directly. Alternatively, please call our clinic to arrange the booking on (02)8003 7668.

Dokotela’s aim is to make telehealth hassle-free. We take care of all the administration so that you can focus on providing high-quality care to your patients.

This includes:

  • Setting up a secure telehealth virtual room
  • Onboarding/marketing to GPs Bookings and calendar management
  • Reception service (rebooking, sending treatment plans/correspondence to GPs etc)
  • Billing


We hold your hand through the whole process so you can just focus on providing high-quality clinical care.

We currently provide over 1,000 consultations per month. We are a group of 35 Specialists- most are part-time a few work full-time.

Collaborative Care Model

Dokotela is different from most telehealth platforms because of the model that we always work collaboratively with GP’s in managing their patients.

Practically, we do this by always trying to arrange appointments at the GP medical practice and requesting every patient to have time discussing the treatment plan with the Specialist, GP, and carers. We also request the GP to write the prescriptions to engage the GP more closely in the treatment of their patient.

We provide educational input, diagnostic clarification, suggestions regarding medication and possible side-effects and recommend appropriate e-health psychological services. We also ask about local psychosocial services with which the patient can engage.

  1. We work as a team, we often refer patients for 2nd opinions within our team of Specialists
  2. We manage complaints on your behalf by having an assigned complaints officer who will contact the patient and ask how best to resolve the dissatisfaction, often by offering a 2nd opinion. Most complaints relate to miscommunications that can usually be easily resolved
  3. We have a Dokotela Whatsapp group for our Specialists to communicate their questions and concerns. We are all very supportive and offer advice and assistance to this group

Payment for services will be received by Dokotela so we can confirm all your appointments have been paid and there are no outstanding debtors. Each Monday you will receive a statement of payment and funds will be deposited into your account for the week prior.

Please ensure you provide MBS items immediately following each appointment to avoid payments being delayed. When you start with Dokotela you will be required to complete a Medicare form for payment details, this should be sent to us at least 10 business days before you start consulting to avoid your first payment being delayed. The principal cost in telehealth is patient non-attendance.

Dokotela operations staff work very hard to keep this to a minimum, we are constantly refining our processes. If 50% of your patients don’t attend then effectively the Specialist is paying a 50% fee! We make sure that doesn’t’ happen to our Specialsits. The quality of our operations team saves you a large amount of time and money.

There is an out-of-pocket fee associated with all Dokotela appointments. Patients will be required to pay the appointment fee and we will then process the Medicare rebate on their behalf.

 If a patient requests a service separate from their treatment (reports, letters, forms etc.) it is at your discretion what you would like to charge the patient (we can let you know what other Specialists charge if helpful).

If a patient wants to have a consult from home for a particular reason we will ensure the patient is appropriate for a home appointment.

If you see a patient who is inappropriate for management via video conference you can speak to the GP and tell him/her that this is the case – this is your clinical decision.

You can discuss concerns with other Specialists on the WhatsApp group at any time (or call our Medical Director).

  • You can specify what types of work you will/won’t do
  • All practitioners are required to consult with Dokotela a minimum of 4 hours per week. This is to cover the cost of the subscriptions required to be on the platform.
  • You can work within your scope of practice, although by its nature telehealth tends to stretch the clinical problems that you will encounter.
  • For example, if you are not comfortable prescribing Psychostimulants we will make a note of this and not send you these patients

Dokotela is an Australian owned and operated company making specialist care more accessible by connecting patients across Australia with specialist doctors and clinicians through a secure video-conferencing platform. Dokotela has Psychiatrists (Adult, Child and Adolescent), Geriatricians, Psychologists and Dieticians available.

Telehealth is a virtual consultation that is completed over a video platform such as Zoom. Appointments are performed from the referring doctor/GP clinic.  It is not a phone call, the Specialist must be able to both see and hear you for a consultation.

There is an out-of-pocket fee associated with all Dokotela appointments. You will be

required to pay the appointment fee and we will then process the Medicare rebate on your behalf.

Please contact our team on (02) 8003 7668 to enquire regarding the out of pocket costs.

At Dokotela, we encourage collaborative care with a referring GP. This is integral to ensure that GPs are aware of patients needs and medications and are able to assist the patient with follow up questions or concerns. It is also important to be located at a general practitioner clinic as it is a safe space for a psychiatry consultation to take place, and GPs are present should any issues arise.

General waiting times for an appointment is 2-6 weeks, subject to your availability. If you are flexible with the times you are available, we can get you seen quickly. We can also place patients on a cancellation list if you would like an earlier appointment. Please note while we endeavour to accommodate urgent appointments, we are not an emergency service.

If you do require urgent care, please see your general practitioner or go to the emergency department at your local hospital.

Your general practitioner clinic can book an appointment on your behalf, provided you have communicated your availability, alternatively you can call Dokotela. You must have a valid referral that has already been sent to Dokotela to book an appointment. 

We require:

  • A valid referral
  • Medicare card
  • Debit or credit card to secure your appointment
  • Up to date contact information

We require a debit or credit card to secure your appointment. Our cancelation policy requires 48 hours notice if you would like to cancel or change your appointment. These appointments are difficult to fill without you providing enough notice, so there is a fee of $110 if you do not give us 48 hours notice of a change/cancellation or you fail to show up for your appointment.

Patient’s must speak with their specialist at the time of appointment, generally the specialist will recommend that your GP write a script including repeats. If your specialist is writing the script , it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they book a follow up appointment before their medication runs outs. We cannot facilitate urgent appointments for patients if their script has run out.

Dokotela must be able to contact you to confirm an appointment. If we need further information we will call you and leave a voicemail or send a text. If we do not need additional information from you, we will ask you to confirm by replying to our SMS reminders.

Some of our specialists are happy to provide reports however there are associated costs for a report to be performed. Here are the reports that some of our doctors can perform:

  • Driver’s license
  • Firearms license
  • Court/legal documents
  • Workers Compensation

Please notify our friendly team if you wish to a specialist who can provide these reports. We will speak with a specialist and inform you of the cost of the report.