Practitioner fees

Below we have provided a guide of the range of fees that you can expect from our practitioners. Fees may vary depending on the requirements of the client as judged by our specialist at the time of the appointment and the Medicare (or other) reimbursement available to our clients.  


Alternative funding

There will be no charge for clients who are eligible for the following appointment types:  

  • Rural clients: Clients in a rural or regional area^ if the referral requests an item 291 (one off assessment)*. Fees will apply for all review  appointments and new ADD clients.
    ^See below ‘other important information’ for instructions to determine if you are in a rural area.
    * It is the clients responsibility to ensure that item 291 has not been utilised in the last 12 months, if the item 291 has already been used there will be an out of pocket cost. (see below private psychiatry fees – ‘New client multiple appointments’)
  • PHN programs: Clients eligible for a primary health network funded service in Central and Eastern Sydney or South-Western Sydney or Nepean Blue Mountains. Your GP can inform you if you are in an eligible location
  • DVA: Department of Veterans Affairs card holders will be billed to DVA directly
  • Workcover:  Workcover clients require an approval letter from their insurer

Private Psychiatry appointment fees

Appointment typeFeeMedicare rebateOut of pocket cost
Item number
Treatment planNew clients or clients that had their last treatment plan 12+ months ago and require an amended treatment plan.
General psychiatry$665$428$23792435
ADD weekend / public holidays$885$428$45792435
New client, multiple appointments  New clients for multiple appointments or ongoing treatment
General psychiatry$460$246$21492437
Review appointmentClients that have had a treatment plan in the last 12 months
General psychiatry review$345-490$126-268$22292436/
ADD review$390-560$126-268$264-29292436/
ADD review weekend/public holidays$390-600$126-268$264-33292436/
ADD medication review- 15 minutes$250$250
ADD medication review- 30 minutes$390$126$27491829

Paediatrician appointment fees

Appointment typeFeeMedicare rebateOut of pocket cost
Item number
Treatment planNew clients or clients that had their last treatment plan 12+ months ago and require an amended treatment plan.
New Patients (treatment plan)$700$249$45192422 / 92141 / 92163
New Patients (no treatment plan)$600$143$45791824
Review appointment Complex clients will need a minimum of 3 appointments.
Second appointment (20 -30 minutes)$450$125$27592423 / 92173
Third and subsequent appointments$350$71-125$225-28092423/91825

Psychology appointment fees

Appointment typeFeeMedicare rebateOut of pocket cost
Item number
Registered Psychologist$180$93-117$63-8791170/80115
Clinical Psychologist$180$137$4391167
Provisional Psychologist$1000$100NA 

Geriatrician fees

Appointment typeFeeMedicare rebateOut of pocket cost (estimated)Item number
Treatment Plan (1 per year)$635$428$20792623
Review appointment$404$268$13692624

ADHD Coach

Appointment typeFeeMedicare rebateOut of pocket cost (estimated)Item number
All appointments$1100$110NA


Cancellation fee

Up to $110.00

Our cancelation policy requires at least 48 hours’ notice if you would like to cancel or change your appointment. A fee will apply if you do not give us 48 hours’ notice of a change/cancellation or you fail to show up for your appointment.


Other important information

Why do fees vary? Practitioners working with Dokotela determine their own fees, so prices may vary. Also, the fee will depend on the needs of the particular client and which item numbers are available, so the above should only be used as a guide. Please note weekend rates will be $35 higher.

How our fees compare: The private fees that Dokotela are charging are generally below AMA (Australian Medical Association) recommended rates. This is to ensure that we provide as many people as possible with access to high quality psychiatry services.

Credit card surchargeUpon booking your appointment, your card will be validated by charging $1 which is then refunded. On the day of your appointment, your credit card will be charged the appointment fee plus a 1.7% card surcharge so please ensure you have sufficient funds available.

Medicare rebates: We will send your claim to Medicare and you will receive a rebate from Medicare 2-3 days after your appointment (if applicable).

Medicare item numbers
: If you have seen a Psychiatrist in the last 12 months you will need to confirm that the item numbers mentioned above are available to you. For example, if you are seeking a treatment plan and have already used item 92435 or 291 in the last 12 months your out-of-pocket cost will be significantly higher.  It is the responsibility of the patient to check whether they will be eligible for the different item numbers and rebates. You can check this online or call Medicare on 13 21 50.

Rural area: You can check your address on the Health Workforce locator map available here. Select ‘2019’ in front of “Modified Monash Model” and then add your address in “Find address”. If your address is MM2-MM7 then you are in a rural location.

Pre-payment: Prepayment is now required for all ADD treatment plan and ADD coaching appointments. An invoice will be sent to you via SMS and payment is due 72hrs prior to your appointment.

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