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Dokotela is an Australian operated platform making specialist care more accessible. We connect patients with specialist doctors and clinicians across Australia

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How it works


Your GP or nurse practitioner can refer you to Dokotela

Healthlink EDI: Dokotela 
Fax: 02 8569 1844 


Dokotela will contact you to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced Psychiatrists.

Feel Better

Your psychiatrist and GP will work with you to develop and implement a treatment plan for improved mental health and wellbeing

Medical Practitioner

Dr Aaron Frederiks

Language spoken: English


Allied Health

Dr Terezinha Coelho (TC)

Language spoken: English


What makes Dokotela different?

Dokotela provides more funding options than any other telepsychiatry provider

Funding options include private billing, Private Health Insurance, Medicare, and Federal and State Government Funded Services.



The Dokotela platform facilitates access to mental health clinicians where and when you need them. Our clinicians are independent professionals with broad expertise. Dokotela has no control over the conduct of health providers and clients who use the platform. We welcome any feedback and will pass it onto your clinician.


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