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Dokotela is an Australian owned and operated company making specialist care more accessible by connecting patients across Australia with specialist doctors and clinicians through a secure online booking and video-conferencing platform. Our team of doctors and staff have significant clinical and medical practice administration experience, ensuring patients and practitioners receive the highest quality of service and outcomes.

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Our mission is to make specialist care more accessible to all Australians and to build the capacity of GPs to manage patients with severe and chronic illness.

Dokotela was founded for the purpose of providing specialist mental health services to underserved areas across rural and regional Australia. Mental health in Australia is a large and growing problem with 1 in 5 people experiencing a mental illness each year. For those living in rural and regional areas there is an inequality of access to specialist care. People living in rural and regional areas tend to experience a higher occurrence of mental illnesses but have less access to specialist support. Only 3% of qualified psychiatrists live outside of metro Australia compared to a cohort that accounts for 28% of Australia’s population. Even if each psychiatrist consulted a patient with a chronic and severe mental health illness there would only be 6 minutes of available time for each patient, each year.

Dokotela’s solution to the problem was to build an online video conferencing platform to connect underserved patients in Australia to experienced psychiatrists, thus solving the issue of a lack of access to specialist clinical care. 

The Dokotela platform is designed to facilitate collaborative care. This collaborative model is aimed at providing the highest quality of care for patients and building knowledge and capacity across our GP partners. By building capacity GPs are empowered to provide the skilled care their complex patients require. Our approach is strengthening the connectivity between different healthcare providers and overcoming the issues of siloed systems and a fragmented patient experience. 

Since the early 2000s Dokotela has been providing online video consultations. Today, we are helping more than 1,000 patients per month and supporting close to 2,000 GPs across Australia. 

Dokotela has also expanded its capabilities across multiple specialities and now has a team of over 30 specialists. Our team of specialists include psychiatrists, geriatricians, paediatricians, and allied health practitioners. Our specialists are supported by a dedicated and experienced team of operational staff and clinical software that facilitates best-in-class service delivery. 

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Dokotela Advisory Board

Grant Jeffery: A visionary global technology CEO

Grant Jeffery, a seasoned Global CEO, brings a remarkable history of driving technology-driven businesses to unprecedented success. With international experience spanning product development, SaaS leadership, and business expansion, Grant is a visionary force in the tech industry. 

Throughout his career, Grant has consistently delivered impressive growth in both revenue and profit. His expertise in global mergers and acquisitions, deal leadership, post-acquisition integration, and portfolio management has solidified his reputation as a dynamic business strategist. 

Grant’s transformative abilities shine in crafting and executing cloud strategies, spearheading digital transformations, and nurturing business development initiatives. His impressive resume includes leadership roles at public giants like Panasonic and Qantas, as well as contributions to private sector organizations such as International SOS and MedAire.

As an influential leader and innovator in the tech realm, Grant Jeffery is set to help shape the future of Dokotela, propelling the company to new heights and delivering exceptional results.

Matt Berriman: Experienced founder, investor and passionate mental health advocate

Meet Matt Berriman, a seasoned leader in the world of high-growth digital ventures across Australia, the USA, and the UK. With a diverse portfolio of roles, ranging from founder to executive, advisor, and corporate development lead, Matt has consistently fueled the growth of technology-driven companies. Matt’s commitment to positive change extends beyond the tech world. He proudly chairs Mental Health Australia, the peak body representing the mental health sector and the wider community, showcasing his dedication to meaningful impact and strategic leadership. 

Notably, Matt co-founded Unlockd, a groundbreaking venture that achieved a remarkable transformation within just three years. Unlockd’s global footprint spanned the USA, UK, India, Indonesia, Australia, and the UAE, making it a true success story until encountering challenges from Google. 

Today, Matt chairs the Dokotela board and serves as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of RealVC, an Early Stage Technology Venture Capital Fund, who are a significant investor in Dokotela. Matt’s multifaceted experience in digital ventures, combined with his leadership roles and deep industry knowledge, positions him as a valuable contributor to Dokotela’s growth and success.

Joe Hooper: Guiding Health Transformation with Experience 

Joe Hooper brings over four decades of unparalleled expertise in healthcare to the Dokotela board. His journey, encompassing qualifications in general and psychiatric nursing, law, and leadership roles across the public, private, and not-for-profit health sectors, underscores his dedication to enhancing healthcare systems. 

Joe’s extensive career has seen him in senior clinical and executive positions, where he tackled complex challenges related to professional regulation, hospital administration, and medical professional associations. His contributions range from government relations and health advocacy to strategic planning, clinical risk management, and medical ethics. 

Joe’s passion for improving healthcare accessibility and safety is evident through his role as the former CEO of Rural & Remote Mental Health, a national charity focused on mental health and suicide awareness. With Joe’s strategic insights, Dokotela is poised to drive transformative change in the healthcare landscape. 

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