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Dokotela is an Australian owned and operated company making specialist care more accessible by connecting patients across Australia with specialist doctors and clinicians through a secure online booking and video-conferencing platform. Our team of doctors and staff have significant clinical and medical practice administration experience, ensuring patients and practitioners receive the highest quality of service and outcomes.

Why do patients, GPs, specialists and
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Our collaborative care model

Our dedication to delivering the highest quality care

Our full-service practice supporting our specialists, GPs and patients

Our secure online video conferencing platform

Story of Dokotela

Our mission is to make specialist care more accessible to all Australians and to build the capacity of GPs to manage patients with severe and chronic illness.

Dokotela was founded for the purpose of providing specialist mental health services to underserved areas across rural and regional Australia. Mental health in Australia is a large and growing problem with 1 in 5 people experiencing a mental illness each year. For those living in rural and regional areas there is an inequality of access to specialist care. People living in rural and regional areas tend to experience a higher occurrence of mental illnesses but have less access to specialist support. Only 3% of qualified psychiatrists live outside of metro Australia compared to a cohort that accounts for 28% of Australia’s population. Even if each psychiatrist consulted a patient with a chronic and severe mental health illness there would only be 6 minutes of available time for each patient, each year.

Dokotela’s solution to the problem was to build an online video conferencing platform to connect underserved patients in Australia to experienced psychiatrists, thus solving the issue of a lack of access to specialist clinical care. 

The Dokotela platform is designed to facilitate collaborative care. This collaborative model is aimed at providing the highest quality of care for patients and building knowledge and capacity across our GP partners. By building capacity GPs are empowered to provide the skilled care their complex patients require. Our approach is strengthening the connectivity between different healthcare providers and overcoming the issues of siloed systems and a fragmented patient experience. 

Since the early 2000s Dokotela has been providing online video consultations. Today, we are helping more than 1,000 patients per month and supporting close to 2,000 GPs across Australia. 

Dokotela has also expanded its capabilities across multiple specialities and now has a team of over 30 specialists. Our team of specialists include psychiatrists, geriatricians, paediatricians, and allied health practitioners. Our specialists are supported by a dedicated and experienced team of operational staff and clinical software that facilitates best-in-class service delivery. 

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Our Management Team

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Medical Director

Dr Zelko


Head of People



Practice Manager



Partnerships and Outreach Manager



Care co-ordinator and outreach manager



What makes Dokotela different?

Meet our specialists


Dr Samira Bhuiyan

Language spoken: English

Mental Health Nurse

Rue Ayodele

Language spoken: English


Dr Zelko Mustac

Language spoken: English, Croatian


Dr Junita Basnett

Language spoken: English


Dr Tiyatiye Babangida

Language spoken: English


Dr Joe Fang

Language spoken: English, Mandarin


Dr Ayodele Olatunji

Language spoken: English, Yoruba


Dr Abayomi Adeniyi

Language spoken: English


Dr Christina Matthews

Language spoken: English


FAQ for GPs & Referrers

How do I refer?

The referral process is the same as it is for any referral to a specialist. Please address the referral to “Dokotela Specialists”, and send via email ([email protected]) or fax (02 8569 1844).

FAQ for Specialists

Dokotela’s aim is to make telehealth hassle-free. We take care of all the administration so that you can focus on providing high quality care to your patients.

We hold your hand through the whole process so you can just focus on providing high-quality clinical care We currently provide over 1,000 consultations per month. We are a group of 30 psychiatrists-most are part-time a few work full-time.

FAQ for Patients

What is Dokotela?

Dokotela is an Australian owned and operated company making specialist care more accessible by connecting patients across Australia with specialist doctors and clinicians through a secure video-conferencing platform. Dokotela has Psychiatrists (Adult, Child and Adolescent), Geriatricians, Psychologists and Dieticians available.

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