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Dokotela is unique, we utilise a collaborative care model to support
GPs to treat their complex patients 

Benefits to GPs


Skills & professional development
High quality support

Empowering GPs

How it works


To ‘Dokotela Specialists’ via email, fax or secure messaging. We will allocate the appropriate specialist for your client


We will contact your patient to arrange the appointment. They will receive an invitation to book online and a call from our friendly staff


Consults from your patients home or from your practice,. You are welcome to join for the last few minutes to discuss treatment

What can you expect from a Dokotela consultation?

Specialist assessment

Specialist conducts a detailed consultation with your patient for up to 1 hour. Patients can be seen from home or your practice 

GP will receive a treatment plan

The GP may join the consultation to discuss with the specialist and provide information regarding their patient – this is entirely optional for the GP
The Psychiatrist/specialist provides a written summary of:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Expected outcomes from treatment


Patients return to their GP who provides the prescription based on psychiatrists treatment plan 

Follow up appointment 

Complex patients reviewed to improve treatment plan

Ongoing support 

Specialist support available as required on short notice

Meet our specialists



Dr Joshua Flavell

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Dr Vinay Ramineni

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Dr Raj Dangi

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Clinical Care Coordinator

Emily Clinical Care Coordinator



Clinical Care Coordinator

Floyd Clinical Care Coordinator



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Gemma Clinical Care Coordinator




Dr Aneuryn Rozea

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Dr Lulu Xing

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Clinical Care Coordinator

Himani Clinical Care Coordinator



FAQ for GPs

Dokotela offers telehealth appointments with Psychiatrists, Geriatricians and Psychologists. Your patients can see our specialists by a secure video conferencing platform. Some face to face appointments are also available in certain areas. 

Dokotela is a platform that facilitates access to mental health clinicians. Our clinicians are independent professionals with broad expertise. Dokotela has no control over the conduct of health providers and clients who use the platform. We welcome any feedback and will pass it on to the clinician.

Step 1

The appointment will take place from the patients home or the GP practice. Once a booking is made, the patient and GP will receive instructions as to how to join the appointment.

Step 2

The Dokotela specialist will spend about 60 minutes with the patient undertaking a comprehensive assessment.

Step 3

The Specialist will send the GP a treatment plan that clarifies the diagnosis and clarifies the results you should expect so you are fully equipped to management the patient’s needs.

Step 4

If another appointment is required, please send a new referral to Dokotela (this is due to the Medicare item numbers). Dokotela will then contact your client to make another appointment.

Alternatively, if questions regarding your client arise you are welcome to contact our psychiatrists via our instant messaging group or email (our admin team can provide the details for both).   

Please send referrals by Healthlink (EDI: Dokotela), Medical Objects, fax (02) 8569 1844 or [email protected]

If the GP practice is planning to host the appointment, we also have an easy online booking system available for GPs to book a time that suits the GP, clinic and patient. The referral is uploaded during this process. This is available on our website; For GPs/book now.

Our extensive, experienced team of Psychiatrists cover a wide range of sub-specialisations as well as the entire age range. We recommend that you address the referral to “Dokotela Specialists” and we will ensure that your patient will be seen by the most appropriate specialist.

We believe that the GP maintains the central role in patient care. We discuss the treatment plan with you, and if you are happy, we ask you to prescribe the medication (unless it is a particular type of medication the Specialist must prescribe).

Alternatively, our Specialists can prescribe and send prescriptions to the patient’s phone.

Yes absolutely, where appropriate we can book multiple appointments with the client.

If you would like a one-off assessment for your client, please request ‘Medicare item 291’ on the referral. Our specialists will prepare a detailed 12 monthly management plan (including diagnosis), so you are fully equipped to manage the patient’s needs. This will be bulk billed for rural patients who have not seen a psychiatrist in the last 12 months (excluding ADD, which incurs a fee).

If you would like the treatment plan reviewed, we will need a new referral (this is due to the Medicare item numbers). All follow-up appointments incur an out-of-pocket fee.

Alternatively, if you would prefer an initial appointment as part of ongoing treatment, please also indicate this on the referral. All of these appointments incur an out of pocket fee.

Please refer to our fees page for the latest and most accurate information.

GPs may be eligible to bill MBS Item numbers 3 or 23, if spending time with the patient following the consult to go through the treatment plan and write prescriptions. Your practice nurse can bill MBS item 10983 as incentive to facilitate the consultation.

All you need is computer or tablet with internet connection, sound, a microphone and a camera. That’s it.

Wait times for appointments will vary depending on the patient’s needs and availability at that point in time.

We would strongly encourage your patients to book an appointment and ask to be placed on a cancellation list. We have cancellations often and if patients are flexible on timing, they can usually get an appointment very quickly (within a week or two).

While we endeavour to accommodate urgent appointments, we are not an emergency service. If your patient is in need of immediate attention from a psychiatrist they should go to their nearest emergency department.

Dokotela is currently recruiting Psychiatrists to ensure we have sufficient capacity to meet demand. We have several new specialists in the pipeline to ensure that we are able to offer patients timely appointments.

Please call (02)8003 7668 and one of our friendly clinic staff will assist you to troubleshoot.

A live chat option is also available after you click on the button ‘Connect to video’ on our website.

We have an easy to use online booking system available on our website, which is available for GP clinics to book at a time that suits both the GP (so they can participate in the appointment) and the patient.

Online bookings are also available to patients directly. Patients will receive an SMS inviting them to book online after we receive their referral.

Alternatively, please call our clinic to arrange the booking on (02)8003 7668.

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