Exercises to boost creativity and wellbeing


Creativity can help reduce stress and anxiety, increase positive emotions and improve selfesteem. The winter months can leave you feeling particularly tired and uninspired. It may seem like there is little you can do to get through it and it’s just something you need to let happen, but this is not the case. Explore these 6 easy exercises and activities to get back into your creative space.

Laugh out loud

Give yourself a break and find something that makes you laugh. It can be a silly viral video or really anything that has you rolling on the floor with tears running down your face laughing. A good laugh is enough to change your mood and increase creativity.

Tackle a brain game

Give your brain a break from struggling to think creatively and do a brain workout. A brain game (or even a card game) can give your thinking game the boost it needs to get back to the project at hand.

Tap your inner creative with music

Listening to music is a way to refocus your brain. Using the Mozart Effect, relax with some music to stimulate the creative part of your brain. Allow your mind to wander where the music takes you and enjoy waking up the creative spirit.

Counterfactual Simulation

Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, creativity can only really occur when you have met all the lower level needs. A block can mean you need to retrain your brain to recognize your movement towards an ideal day. Visualize what your ideal day looks like when all of your needs are met so you can move on to the creative space. Let your mind consider a counterfactual space where everything works as it should and then focus on being creative.

Immerse yourself in your immediate surroundings

You may be experiencing a creative block because you have stopped living a truly vivid and engaged life. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the details of your surroundings taking special care to notice the full vivid details. When you take the time to notice and experience the smallest of details you are training the brain to recognize the beauty of daily life. This will allow you to work in a more creative mindset.

Harness the Power of Self-Acceptance

In order to work in your most creative brain, you have to allow yourself to let go of some of the things that bog your mind down. This includes a lack of self-acceptance. Learning to forgive yourself for the past and move forward with your highest level of self-acceptance means you are ready to give your focus to creative efforts. When you come to a point where you are not able to focus on your own creativity, practice your efforts to be self-accepting through a guided visualization.

Whether you use a guided visualization or try a brain game to allow your mind to focus on something else, there are a variety of simple mental tricks to help your mind let go of whatever is keeping you from reaching your creative best. A creative block is a temporary lapse or disconnect from your creative potential that usually requires a bit of time and care to recenter.

Understanding how creativity works will allow your mind to focus on meeting the more basic needs that have to be in place before the creative energy can return. A sudden creative block does not always mean you have lost the ability, instead, it often means there is something more basic missing that needs to be fixed so you are ready to be creative.

By Caleb Anderson

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