Dr Sarah Hutton


Dr Sarah Hutton is a Consultant Psychiatrist with a particular interest in perinatal mental health, looking after women from family planning, throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period through to having a toddler. This is for women who either have an established mental health issue, or come to develop one during this significant period in their lives.

Dr Hutton has over 7 years’ experience in Psychiatry, working with Hunter New England Mental Health in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient and rural. Dr Hutton has spent some time with the Perinatal Mental Health team at the Royal Hospital for Women, working with the leading academic in Australia in Perinatal Psychiatry as well as taking the opportunity to do some of her own research in the field under Professor Austin’s supervision.

Dr Hutton is interested in looking after women with mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and personality disorders. She is able to provide psychotherapy, being trained in CBT and Object Relations model though generally uses an eclectic and supportive approach tailored to the individual’s needs